How to draw step by step

How to Draw Step by Step

Most people, especially kids, are eager to learn how to draw. But many think that it is too complicated, and they may not be able to learn how to draw properly with ease. Of course, only an experienced artist can draw a human portrait painted in oil. This is why it is good to practice drawing something simple at first such as pets.
While some people have a natural talent for drawing and you do not, rest assured that if you start learning from childhood, it is quite possible to develop these abilities. Start practicing on less complex objects and gradually move on to image of people, animals and landscapes.
When you master the skill of drawing in pencil, you can then learn how to paint. This website gives you basic lessons to drawing animals, favorite cartoon characters, people, and more.

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Drawing Lessons for Kids

Drawing an Elephant, step by step
Drawing an Elephant, step by step

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw an elephant in # 2 pencil. As we all know, elephant is one of the largest animals on the planet. Its large trunk, ears, and tusks are more difficult to recreate on paper than they might appear. The good news is an elephant's thick straight legs are relatively simply to draw, even easier than that of a horse. In this lesson we will learn how to draw an elephant in # 2 pencil.

Realistic Drawing a Rose Flower
Realistic Drawing a Rose

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers. This flower's delicate shape gives it great beauty. Most likely each one of us has attempted to draw a rose at least once but our drawing technique can be perfected. After this lesson, we will be able to draw a rose easily, keeping its forms in mind when we follow the step-by-step method. To begin, let's remember that a rose is composed of petals that are adjacent to each other. That is the most challenging part of our drawing. In order for a rose to look realistic, we must try to recreate all of its features on paper. For larger decorations, we will draw rose stalks with leaves.

How to draw Manga Eyes Step by Step
Learning To Draw Anime Girl's Eyes

The eyes of an anime character are the foundation of drawing in this style. All anime female characters have distinctive eyes - black, blue, or green but oversized and expressive. In order to properly draw anime eyes, you must do it gradually step-by-step, because eyes are commonly the most important feature of anyone's face.

Drawing a Horse's Head Step by Step
Draw a Horse Head, step by step

In order to draw a horse, you need a lot of practice and a good sense of proportion. If you are a beginner, however, perhaps it's a good idea to start with perfecting drawing the horse head. It is important to pay attention to its exact shape to convey the beauty and grace of this animal. It might also help you to refer to the actual photo of a horse's head as you draw. There is a separate lesson to drawing the entire horse though.

Video of drawing a horse's head.

Deer drawings
Deer drawings

The method for drawing a deer is similar to that of drawing a horse. Of course, there are some major differences between the two animals: deer has a short and elegant trunk, a short tail and expansive antlers on a male. To draw a running deer is particularly tricky. It can be difficult to convey this animal's grace in a drawing. A deer's legs and horns are very important elements of its body, and can accentuate its majestic build when drawn properly. In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a deer in # 2 pencil.

Video of drawing a deer.

How to Draw Spiderman Step by Step
How to Draw Spiderman

Spider-Man can be relatively challenging to draw. Aside from the proper body shape conveying flexibility and dynamics of the character, we have the task of drawing the complex Spiderman body suit covered in spider web. Now we're going to draw Spider-Man in pencil.

Easy Cat drawings
Easy Cat Drawings

Fairy tale feline characters such as Puss In Boots are among the most favorite for kids to draw. Pictures of cats drawn in pencil or watercolor can be a good decoration in a child's room. Let's learn how to correctly draw a cat. We must follow a step-by-step process to accurately draw a cat.

How to draw a Butterfly Step by Step
How To Draw a Butterfly

Children love to draw butterflies, because these beautiful insects are very colorful and graceful. Some butterfly drawings are done in #2 pencil, but of course the colored butterfly drawings have a greater visual effect. In this lesson we will learn how to correctly draw the torso and wings of a butterfly. Gradually, step-by-step, we will design shade patterns on butterfly's wings. But if you prefer to use color pencils instead of a # 2 pencil to draw a butterfly, your drawing of butterfliy can turn out to look even more realistic.

Angelís picture
Angel's Picture

This is a really good question with quite a few answers! It all depends on what you mean by angel! Angel typically possesses a pair of large feathered wings extending from his back, enabling him to fly. Determine your purpose for drawing. Learn how to draw a Girl Angel with wings, Step by Step.

Castle - drawing lessons
Castle - Drawing Lessons For Kids

Sometimes, after you've read a book on ancient legends or fairytales about knights and princesses, you find yourself wanting to draw a real Castle, complete with stone towers standing proudly displaying their ornate peaks and spires with flags floating in the wind. Here's an easy lesson for kids in drawing a Castle using #2 pencil, step by step. You will learn how to draw the proportions of buildings, create a perspective for surrounding Castle scenery, learn how to use drop shadows and lines attached to the volume of the walls and towers of Castles.

Drawing Anime - Manga
Drawing Anime - Manga

In this lesson, we will learn how to draw anime in Manga style using # 2 pencil. Every fan wants to know how to draw manga anime. But it can be difficult to draw a human, especially in the anime movement. But try it and with practice you may be able to draw it well!

How to draw a Human full-length, Step by Step
How to Draw People step by step

Our lesson learns how to draw people is designed mainly for younger kids, so the eyes and other details of the face people are drawn schematically. Learning how do you draw simple people, step by step of a man in # 2 pencil during this private lesson. Learning how to draw a face of a man, for beginners, is in other drawing lesson for children. First of all, let's go over some tips on drawing people techniques. Some people have the habit of drawing dotted lines and then encircling them. Try to learn how to draw lines in one motion; do not be afraid to make mistakes.

How to Draw with Pencil
How to Draw with Pencil

Artists always start out by drawing in pencil. The tone will help you identify the shades of your drawing. For other effects you can rub the pencil shades with your finger to give your drawing a smooth tone. In this case all you need is a pencil, just remember that the tonality your drawing depends on how hard you press on your pencil. In this lesson, we will learn the technique drawings in graphite pencil, step by step.

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